6100-00024 DINTEK High Precision Optical Cleaver


DINTEK’s High Precision Optical Cleaver is an easy-to-use tool.Cleaving  with  1  step  only.  With  its  ruggedized  structure,  light weight  and  high  precision  sliding  mechanism,  it  ensures  high standard  cleaving  for  the  application  of  fusion  or  mechanical splicing either outdoors or indoors. 


  • Cutting bare fiber diameter: 125μm
  • Fiber coating diameter: 250~900μm
  • Cutting angle: less than 0.5° (single core fiber)
  • Cutting length: 13mm
  • Blade cutting life: 48,000 times 3000*16 surface rotation
  • The edge of the blade is 0.003mm under a 200x microscope:
  • Cutter size / weight: 70L × 54W × 58H (mm) / 238g (150g,
  • Length 70 * 54 * 52 on the machine


  • For use on 250um/900um buffered fibers                       
  • Small compact design
  • Bi-directional cleaving
  • Cleaving with 1 step only
  • Compact and light weight design
  • Easy-to-open top cover (by one hand only)
  • Visible ruler for easy alignment & measurement
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ruggedized construction for stable performance
  • Uses ultra-fine grain hard tungsten steel alloy as raw material
  • and is produced by international best in class processing
  • technology. 
  • Surface finish is mirror-like, the quality is stable and reliable.
  • Under 100x microscope magnifies the blade to a complete
  • curve without unevenness.

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DINTEK High Precision Optical Cleaver

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