6103-01006 ezi-TOOL180 - Vertical Tool


The DINTEK ezi-TOOL180TM system is an all-in-one punch down and wire trim process, designed to ensure even connections, better performance and faster fit off times. The ezi-TOOL180TM is for use with 180degree Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A modular keystone jacks.


  • Vertical and horizontal jack versions available
  • All-in-one punch down of 8 wires
  • Even wire trim process
  • Maintains gas tight IDC connections
  • Minimizes return loss & cross talk
  • Multi use keystones can be used in ezi-TOOL and also standard punch down tool


  • Premise wiring
  • Cable assemblies
  • For use in DINTEK's Cat.5e, Cat.6 or Cat.6A installations
  • Standardize connections on IDC


  • Maintains gas tight IDC connections
  • Insertion loss reduction
  • Removes risk of insulation and/or keystone jack damage
  • Multi use ezi-JACKS can be used in both ezi-TOOL and standard punch down tools
  • Wires are pushed down over IDC instead of impact 110 style
  • The removal of impacting to terminate, improves return loss and cross-talk at termination points
  • Less termination failures and better overall bandwidth


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