1402-04031 Power Extension Cable, 1 to 9 Connects adapter to all panels


Smart-LINKTM Network Intelligence

Imagine if you could have knowledge of almost every move made in your network in real time. Imagine if you could eliminate blind spots in your network, If you had complete insight into the physical layer of your infrastructure.

With SMART-LINK™ patch panels from DINTEK, your physical layer becomes more than simply interconnected hardware. It becomes a comprehensive, easily managed solution that will give you control of your physical infrastructure. 

The SMART-LINK™ Intelligent Patching System from DINTEK does more than provide a reliable, high performance communications foundation. It will allow for easy management and planning, providing you with the
vision and knowledge you need to be in control.



â—» Structured cabling planning 
â—» Network installation guide 
â—» Cross-connecting guide 
â—» Rack system connecting 
â—» Monitor and real time alerts 
â—» Network management 
â—» Network maintenance


    â—» Connect by Ethernet or USB
    â—» Improve Productivity
    â—» Increase Reliability
    â—» Automate Changes
    â—» Track physical locations
    â—» Accept Standard Patchcord
    â—» Monitored Real Time Alerts
    â—» Easy Module Replacement
    â—» ACMA Compliant
    â—» Patch Cord Compatiblity 
    â—» Easy module replacement 
    â—» Installation Simplicity 
    â—» Easy network planning 
    â—» ANSI/TIA 606-A Class 3 
    â—» Customizable software 
    â—» Configurable LED indicators 
    â—» Monitoring & Alert messages


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