1402-04014 PowerMAX LED 24 Port Patch Panel


Identify network ports instantly with the PowerMAXTM LED 24 port patch panel. This panel is equipped with an LED indicator on each port.
No more cumbersome trial and error port searching with a tone generator and probe. Just connect the Signal Generator (sold separately as an option) to the wall plate. The LED indicator on patch panel instantly guides you to the corresponding port. The LED patch panel is a powerful port identification solution, especially when you are
managing a large scale network.

The DINTEK PowerMAXTM LED Category 6 patch panels are designed to exceed ANSI/TIA-568-2.D performance specifications and support both T568A ad T568B wiring schemes. Combined with other DINTEK PowerMAX Products, they are the perfect solution to your voice and data communications needs.


  • No need to shut down systems
  • No need for special or additional wiring
  • No need to unplug panel wiring  
  • Meets the ANSI/TIA-568.2-D / ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173-1 
  • Support T568A & B wiring and easy installation
  • Writable and erasable marking surfaces for each port on the front
  • Can accept 22-26 AWG solid and stranded cables
  • Terminate with 110 or Krone tool
  • Saving cost and time on port identification job and basic testing job
  • Two LED status (Green/Red) for identifying online or offline (connected to switch or not).  


  • Voice; T1; ISDN
  • 10BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
  • 16Mbps Token Ring (IEEE802.5) 
  • 100VG-AnyLAN (IEEE802.12)
  • 100BASE-T Ethernet (IEEE802.3)
  • 155/622Mbps 1.2/2.4 Gbps ATM
  • 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
  • 550MHz Broadband Video

Standards Conformance

  • ISO/IEC11801 2nd edition
  • ANSI/TIA Standard 568-2.D
  • CENELEC EN 50173
  • UL Listed, ETL Verified

Ordering Information
Product NumberProduct NamePacking


PowerMAXTM 24 Port Unshielded Dual IDC LED Patch Panel

10 Pieces Per Carton


PowerMAXTM 24 Port Shielded Dual IDC LED Patch Panel

10 Pieces Per Carton


Signal Generator(Tester)

1 each

Technical Specifications


Cold Rolled Steel


Plate: SPCC-SD 16G

Contact TypeSpring Wire
MaterialPhosphor Bronze Alloy Plated with 50 micro-inch of Gold over 70~100 micro-inch of Nickel
Rear Terminals
Terminal TypeIDC
MaterialPPhosphor Bronze Alloy with 100 micro-inch 100% Sn Alloy
Physical Ranges
Temperature Range
Storage-40 to +70℃
Operational-10 to +60℃
Relative humidity
OperationalMax. non-condensing 93%
Retention50N (11 Ibf) for 60s ± 5s
Insertion/Extraction life750 cycles minimum
Number of IDC terminations200 minimum
Total mating Force

800gms for a 8 wire leads minimum

Insulation Resistance between conductors500 mΩ min.@ 100V d.c
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage1000 V d.c. or a.c. Peak Contact to Contact @ 60 Hz for 1 MIN.
Spring Wire Contact Resistance20 mΩ Max.
Voltage//Current Rating150VAC/1.5A
IDC Contact Resistance2.5 mΩ Max.


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