8204-03001 TECHBENCH Termination Kit


Currently the most popular methods for terminating copper and fiber optic products is either to mount panels inside a cabinet, and terminate from behind or to allow excess cable out the front of a cabinet and terminate cabling on the floor or at an expensive purpose built table.
The first method can have its drawbacks particularly if there is not much space available for termination inside the cabinet. The second method can make dressing of cabling difficult particularly for wall mounted cabinets, as the large amount of excess cable has to be addressed after termination.
At DINTEK we thought, "why can't the product utilize the cabinet itself"

and TECHBENCH is the result. With TECHBENCH, the installer mounts the bench on the front of the cabinet, and by doing this there is much less excess cabling required, and all of the space allowance of being in front of the cabinet.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Compact design
  • Fully self contained
  • Cabinet mountable
  • Standard design mounts direct to cage nut holes
  • Adaptor brackets allows use with threaded hole cabinets
  • Accepts multiple termination and panel scenarios

Construction Layout


  • Can be utilized in either freestanding or wall mount cabinets
  • Can accept standard and angled patch panels
  • main bench can also seat a fusion splicer


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